Hi all and Easter greetings from us 😊 Today we went to the Hohenstein, with the weather that nice and sunny – we had a blast down at the water before climbing up the hill. The view from up there is stunning, not that Kiyu or I would have an eye for it 😊

Having a rest…

Once on top of the hill, we had a rest for a while and the boss was watching a hawk and a crow having an air battle. I just enjoyed the break since it is a steep climb and as you know, next month I will turn 9… so I am not the youngest anymore and need plenty of rest – right 😊

Kiyu is always ready to jump up and go 😊

On the way back down to the water we met a woman with a German Shepherd, for some reason Kiyu didn’t take any notice of him and walked past him without even looking at him. She was on the leash and usually makes a fuzz. Still this time – no fuzz at all πŸ‘ she is making progress me thinks. Anyhow – here is the rest of the pics and a little video from the break up top. Have a great evening all and catch you again real soon. There is rumours that we might be going to Holland on Monday, sure there will be something to report from there as well. Have a good one and paws up from us 🐾 🐾

Talk to me…

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