Afternoon Adventure

Today we went to Witten and there deep into the woods, enjoying a long walk through unknown territory 😊 We had the girls with us and the fun started right from the word go…

Benn just walked out the picture 😊

The first part of the walk we all did behave very well, still had a lot of fun while exploring the woods. I took it rather easy, Kiyu and the girls were of course all over the place. The boss is rather relaxed these days – knowing Kiyu listens rather well. Bijou on the other hand is now and again a bit deaf 😊 and sometimes she has to walk on the leash for not responding quick enough. Guess Kiyu is a good example and today all was good and no leash necessary. Here are a couple of videos from the girls and Kiyu fighting for a stick 😊 I on the other hand got myself a stick and quietly sat aside and let the lunatics do all the running around. Retriever style you might say… 😊

Time for a treat…

We all got treats when we got back home and we all had to sit and wait for our name to be called and receive a treat. There was enough to go around a couple of times and as you can see, I was right in the middle of it waiting my turn. Hope you all had a great afternoon like we did and as always – paws up from all six of us 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾

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