At the canal…

Hi all – today it was rather hot here with some 32º degrees on the clock. So the boss decided to go up where there is water for us to swim in and not many people around due to Kiyu being in heat. She is very easy with me, however different story when other dogs are around. Not sure

The ball monster… 😊

what she would be doing to them if the boss let her.

Little Miss Determination… ❤️

Anyhow – she is all the happier when she is allowed to fetch the ball and she is so determined like yesterday evening when Bijou tried to get the ball and Kiyu wouldn’t have any of it 😊 Bijou always comes second…

It was great to be down at the water, first the boss planned to go to Holland. However with the weekend being a bank holiday weekend, we could just imagine what traffic would be like on the way back – so we skipped that and found ourselves a nice spot at the canal. Some big ships are travelling the canal – they are huge… amazing how they manage not to collide with one another.

Big ships on the canal…

So finally I get some pictures of me fetching the kong – the boss brought the big camera for a change 😊 so you can get a good close-up shot from me being busy…

So we hope you had a good weekend with lots of sunshine and got to go swimming as well. We had a ball with the boss being off for 4 days in a row 😊 Tomorrow it is back to normal, I will be going to the girls and Kiyu and the boss are going to earn some money 😊 Have a great evening all and we will catch you again real soon. Paws up and lots of love from us 🐾 ❤️ 🐾 ❤️

Little Kiyu… ❤️

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