The evening round…

Hi all – just back from our very warm evening round with temperatures well in the 30 degree range and let me tell you – I am happy to be back home 😊

❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Kiyu – as always – playing the ball game, however her effort not being as drastic as this morning 😊 We took the long way round the green and while we were approaching the dip, the boss was trying to take a picture of a bird of prey. Of course that guy is nearly impossible to stalk and the iPhone camera isn’t made for capturing far away wildlife 😊 anyway…

Stalking the Hawk… 😊

So the boss took that shot, we actually moved over to the right to increase the distance, however not even close and he took off and left us behind. Anyhow we had fun despite it being rather warm and I inspected all the mice holes that I could find 😊

Checking for mice…

On the way back we met Johanna and the girls and while they were talking, we had a well deserved break 😊

Johanna and the girls… ❤️

So – all in all a good round, even though the heat isn’t really for dogs with thick fur 😊 I am off for a good and well deserved snooze 💤 and leave you with the rest of the pictures. Have a wonderful evening and paws up from us 🐾

2 responses to “The evening round…”

  1. Hallo Benn
    Love to read your stories.
    Have a great funny week
    Bettina and Max the Golden 💖

    1. Hello Bettina and Max,
      glad that you like the stories 😊
      Have a great day and lots of fun
      Kiyu, Benn & Jürgen


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