Cool Morning Round

Good morning everybody… just back from our morning round and I am glad to report that it is not as humid anymore. Mind you – according to the MET we are to get some 30ΒΊ degrees again tomorrow πŸ˜›

Sun peeping through the clouds…

This morning was good and as usual I did my rounds and Kiyu and the boss were doing the ball game 😊 They’re doing some funny stuff now with Kiyu having to stay in place (which is something she is definitively NOT good at 😊 ) while the boss is hiding the ball in the field.

Kiyu waiting…

She has to wait for the boss to get back to her and only then is she allowed to go and search for her ball. Let me tell you – she is very good and determined to find that silly ball of hers 😊 I on the other hand would be much more relaxed – as you might have guessed…

Me doing the rounds 😊

Anyhow – after such busy morning it is time now to get a snooze πŸ’€ ready for more adventures in the afternoon. So – hope you all have a great day, catch you again a little later and paws up from us 🐾 🐾

Erna Piepenbrink 😊

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