A Sunday with a twist…

Hi all – hope you’re having a great day so far. We just got back from our morning round and had breakfast together with the boss 😊 Kiyu and I had toast and liverpate – mmmmh yum yum… so delicious 🤤
Anyhow – let me tell you what the boss with Kiyu this morning, while I had my usual poke around the field doing the mice business.

Queen Kiyu…

So they went over to the rangers stand and the boss placed the ball on top of the stand. So Kiyu had to go up the ladder in order to get her ball. Scary stuff if you ask me, at first she was a bit overcome by the challenge! However the boss encouraged her to get up the ladder and fetch the ball, so eventually she wobbled up that ladder and got the ball 😊 Well I thought that was very brave of her – if you ask me as she hadn’t done that kinda stuff before. Chapeau to you Kiyu – well done.
Anyhow – I know the pictures are a bit dull, however it was raining this morning while we were out there 😊 🌨
We hope you all will have a great Sunday, might catch you later again. Paws up from us 🐾 🐾

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