The pack at the Rhein πŸ˜Š

Today we took the new second hand van down to Cologne and the river Rhein. We brought the the girls with us as they hadn’t been there before and as you might be able to see, we had a lot of fun playing fetch in and out of the water.

Us in the water…

Of course little Kiyu being very competitive had to get to the stick first. Johanna took a brilliant video of Kiyu being under attack from the girls. You can see it here… She is ever so determined, however even being under attack she never retaliates when somebody else has the stick.

Me enjoying the peace in the water… 😊

We had a ton of fun with a lot of swimming. Johanna was afraid that the girls would get swepped away by the current – silly Johanna… the girls are brilliant swimmers and mastered the river with no problems at all.
I will leave you with the other pictures, hope you enjoy them. Have a wonderful evening and paws up from sleepy Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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