Rhederlaag – catching the last sunshine πŸ˜Š

Hi all – I hope you had a fantastic weekend like we did 😊 a lot of sunshine and a load of treats. Life couldn’t be better if you ask me. We spent the last summer weekend up in Rhederlaag NL together with a couple of friends. Man – did I have a ball or what, by Sunday evening I was so pooped, you have no idea.

Kiyu and myself were constantly in and out of the water, fetching the ball or a stick or in some cases even both 😊 Even had to have a snooze from all the swimming and running around with Kiyu.

We didn’t go out on the boat as the boss decided it would be better that we stay on land and don’t make a mess of the boat with all that water and sand in the fur. But thanks for offering Dirk, maybe next time. 😊

Guess that was it for the summer, while I am writing this to you we are of course back home and it is raining like mad. 🌨 We did everything right I guess as we packed up the car and drove up on Saturday lunchtime. The first thing I did when we got there, had to have a dip in the lovely water…

Kiyu of course was more interested in fetching the ball and guess she had fun like mad. Running around is definitively her thing, I on the other hand are more easy going as you might know 😊

So all in all we had a fantastic weekend, enjoying the last of the summer sunshine. I leave you with the rest of the images for you to view. Hope you like them, the boss even brought the big camera with him 😊 Have a fantastic start into the new week. Paws up from us 🐾 🐾

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