Strasbourg and Obernai…

Hi all and greetings from down South Black Forest. Yes we are back down there again, however we left Benn at home with Johanna. So it is just Kiyu and myself writing to you. Today has been a long day with meetings in the morning well extending into the French lunchtime hour. Kiyu has been very good and you just didn’t know that there was a dog in the room. She has been quiet and we could get on with business. So – afterwards we treated ourselves with a trip to a monastery called Mont St. Odile.

Situated on top of the hill we had a slow drive up as the road to the monastery is narrow and the winding kind with lots of bends.

Once up there of course wouldn’t you know – it started to rain 🌨 and in the picture below you can see the clouds moving in.

We took the path that goes around the monastery and it was great to see those huge boulders. Check out the images below, amazing how mother nature works.

Afterwards we stopped at a place called Obernai, a beautiful little town down the valley and at the foot of the hills. Lovely place with small houses all decorated with flowers. Kiyu did very well considering all thoses different impressions that she collected today.


I will post the rest of the images, hope you’re bored by now. Enjoy it if you can and we will catch you again real soon. Then of course Benn will be posting again 😊

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