Black Forest again…

Hi everybody – Kiyu here writing to you from down South Germany.

Sunset Walk

We had an early start yesterday as the car had to go in for service, so when we got out we were greeted by frost.

So we brought Benn over to Johanna and the girls as there is only 1 dog allowed in the hotel. When we got down here, we were greeted with some lovely sunshine. Mind you it was still rather fresh out. Today we are going off to Strasbourg, the boss some meetings there and we might even drop in to the Christmas market Strasbourg is famous for. I let you know later… for now here is the rest of the pictures. Catch you again soon… Paws up from me 🐾

2 responses to “Black Forest again…”

  1. Hi
    Sounds great. Have a lovely vacation.


    1. Hi Bettina,
      it is not a vacation, business as usual.
      3 weeks and we will be in Denmark, now there is a vacation…
      Regards to you and Max…


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