Happy 1st Advent…

We’re just back from our frosty morning round and let me tell – it is cold out there. Well I don’t mind as my fur is rather thick these days. I am going to get groomed next Saturday and I will be like new. Just the like the visit to the vet fixed my problem with the limping, I will be an all new Benn next weekend. You wait and see 🙂

Where are the mice… 🙂

With the night being clear it has gotten rather cold and the ground this morning was a good bit harder, even Kiyu’s ball bounced a lot higher. The boss made a path with his footsteps, still we weren’t the first out today. There was foot prints from somebody else, however we didn’t see anybody until we came round to finish up. Of course I was – as usual – rather relaxed (not to say slow) following Kiyu and the boss. Here is a video from me getting up to the 2 of them.

Today there is only 1 more picture to post, as I said it was rather cold so the boss didn’t take a lot of pictures. The only thing left to do… is wishing you a wonderful 1st Advent. Catch you all again real soon and paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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