Our Morning Walk…

Hi all – greetings from here, just a quick note about our morning round down on Lakolk beach. We went out rather early to catch the sunrise and while that part was beautiful, the wind was a bit on the cold and fresh side.

Kiyu had to share the ball with me and she didn’t really like it that much. She has to go on the leash, so that I can go and fetch the ball in my own time. I am not as ball-crazy as Kiyu is, you might have guessed that from following my blog. I like to fetch the ball and carry it around with me afterwards and Kiyu is always trying to get the ball from me 🙂 can’t have that now – can we..?

Me running away from Kiyu with the ball 🙂

As you can see from the pictures, there was nobody at the beach and we could roam around as we please. Guess we all like to have the place to ourselves, especially with Kiyu being in heat at the moment. Would not be nice for anyone being taken apart, she doesn’t like anybody coming too close and with her being in heat – that distance increases dramatically 🙂

Our morning playground…

The boss managed to take a small video of the empty beach, which you can watch here – if you like. Don’t be fooled by the colours in the sky, it was pretty fresh. We managed to walk a good distance and I had no problems keeping up. The vet really hit it this time with the injection, I can even run after the ball again. The boss is delighted with me ❤️
Anyhow – as usual I will leave you with the rest of the pictures. Have a great start into the weekend and we will catch you again little later. Paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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