Dull and cold evening walk…

Hi all – just a quick note about our latish afternoon walk. We went through the houses and took the back way, which would finally lead down to the beach – if you could walk past the gate. However this

is there to protect the wildlife and we wouldn’t want to disturb them. However – the way down to the gate is an adventure in itself. Everything is flooded, there must have been loads of rain.

Water everywhere…

It was fun running around and threw all the puddles and the boss didn’t really mind that we got soaked big time. Our destination was this black ball, which is at the end of the walkway and just before the gate. From there you sometimes can see the North-sea, depending on the weather 🙂

I will – as always – leave you with the rest of the shots the boss took, however this time I will present you with a link. The boss is a paying member of Adobe Creative Cloud and they offer some 100 GB cloud space, compared to the 5 GB that you get on WordPress. So – if you wish – you can view all other images of our afternoon walk right here. We are both knackered now and it is time to hit the sack 🙂 – so have a great evening all and paws up from us 🐾 🐾

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