Lakolk Beach

Yes – you are reading correctly… we’re back in Denmark once again. I know it has only been 2 months since we’ve been here, the boss decided it was time to get back up here. So we drove up

Taking a stroll on the beach…

on Thursday night and got to the house on Friday morning, after all the shopping had been done. Over the weekend we took it easy, it has been raining for most of the time. The place is pretty much flooded everywhere you go and the road up to the house is full of potholes.

One of the locals told the boss that they had so much rain over the last couple of month, they don’t know what to do with all the water. It is pretty flooded everywhere you go. Maybe some time tomorrow we might go for a walk here and the boss will take some pictures . Anyhow – today we went down to the beach and the boss even brought the big camera to take some shots of the sunset.

Lakolk Sunset…

We went down to the water, while parking at the dunes. Something that wasn’t possible yesterday or this morning – the beach was full of standing water. While down there we had the normal chaos with Kiyu chasing her ball and me having a relaxing stroll enjoying the place. 🙂

Enjoying the beach…

As you can see – not many people out. The wind was strong and it was a bit on the fresh side. That didn’t stop Kiyu having a dip in the water to cool down from all the running – I guess 🙂

Kiyu cooling down…

So – I will leave you with the rest of the images – as usual. Have a great evening all and catch you again real soon.

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