Frosty morning…

Good morning everybody… and a frosty one it is 🥶 so while we are waiting for the car to thaw I thought I use the time and upload an update since I was to lazy yesterday 🙂

We had some beautiful weather the last couple of days and only yesterday it was cloudy, so we used the day to do some shopping and stock up on stuff we need. Making good use of the cloudy day. The day before I did a spot of sunbathing on the deck, it is sheltered and gets rather warm even though it is only some 6º deg or so.

Enjoying the sunshine…

When the weather is good the Danish fighter planes come out to play in the sky. We have the military grounds next here in Juvre. Guess you have seen the photos from before, there is stuff parked on the ground and they practise on that. The boss tried to capture some of those, however they’re mighty fast and difficult to catch on camera. Even with the 200 lens this is all you might get when trying to capture them.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a long walk down to lands end, where you literally can’t go any further without getting your feet wet 🙂 there is only a small stretch of beach, however the boss had a look and there was no way for him to get across.

Kiyu on the other hand just went through and fetched her ball without even hesitating once 🙂 you can hardly see her… in case you’re wondering – it is that small black dot in the middle

Ok – it is time for me to wrap this up. As usual I will leave you with some more images for you to enjoy 🙂 Have a great day all and paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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