Back in the woods…

Hi all – hope you’re all well and enjoying the beautiful weather and lovely sunshine ☀️ So today we took a trip to the “Hohenstein” as we hadn’t been there for a while.

King Benn… ❤️

Of course before we start the hike – there has to be a bath of course 🙂


I love this place – you only cross the bridge and on the other side I can take a dip in the cool water. Of course there is always those who need to make a splash entrance 🙃 nough said… She just loves a good game of fetching the ball and gets all excited when the boss is throwing it into the water.

Making a great and splashy entrance 🙂

After a nice dip in the water we went along the path right next to the water, which finally brings us into the woods.

It is a slightly uphill path and I have to take my time and take plenty of rest while on the way up. Kiyu on the other hand is always on the look out for something to chase. Not that the boss would allow it, still she is a very active little girl. Here is a short video on the way up…

From the top you have a lovely view of the surrounding wood and fields, not that I care. However we met a good few people while up there.

So – after a short break up there we took the same way down, until the first corner where we took the path to the right – which is kind of like an adventure.

The adventure path…

We took another break while we were there and imagine the excitement when Kiyu dropped her ball 🙂 and wasn’t allowed to go and fetch it. Well it is kinda steep there and the ball would have surely rolled on further down. So the young had to show patience – which of course is not really her thing 🙃

Anyhow – we are back home now and guess soon it will be feeding time – not so important to Kiyu and the boss 🙂 however I love food… 😋 Here come the rest of the pics as usual – hope you like em. Have a great day all – enjoy the sunshine and stay safe. Paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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