Sunset Round…

Hi once again, just a quick post about our sunset round this evening. Went down to the Ruhr for another lovely relaxed walk. However this time we took a right turn before coming to the water just to see what is there.

This part is fenced off – so we had to sneak in. Don’t tell anybody 🙂
Thinking that there was plenty to discover, you would be disappointed to say the least. There is a huge number of trailers though… hidden right under the bridge.

Besides that – there isn’t really much to discover. Kiyu spotted some dear in the far distance, I just had a glance – knowing that we weren’t allowed to go there anyway. So – just stuck to the boss and stayed nearby as you would as a good dog 😉 right?

We had a nice and easy round – the boss didn’t bring a ball. Guess Kiyu has to learn to go along without the action all the time. It takes her a good while to calm down and accept the fact that there will be no ball present, hence no play. Saying that – she did good this evening.

The old steel factory grounds…

On the way back home we drove through the old steel factory grounds and the boss stopped to take this picture. The manufacturing plant has long been closed and those parts are some leftovers, which size-wise are quite impressive. Anyhow – wishing everybody a wonderful evening – we are pooped now and heading snoozies soon. Stay safe and paws up from us 🐾 🐾 Kiyu and Benn

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