The water again…

Welcome back 🙂 this time the boss decided to go up to a place called “Lüdinghausen” which is just south of “Münster”. We picked a wonderful spot right next to the “Dortmund-Ems” canal, so not far from the water 🙂 So out of the car and this is what greeted us.

Sunshine in paradise… 🙂

As you can see – not many people out and about – well for obvious reasons… so we had the place pretty much to ourselves. So – of course there was no holding us back and off we went straight into the water for a refreshing dip 🙂

It was a rather long walk and it took us close to 2 hrs to get back to the car. The bridge was out turn around point and I was pretty knackered already, so the boss then decided to head back on the same side. I was delighted with that and of course – on the way back I am always that much faster 🙂 However while on the way to the bridge, there was some geese in the grass on our side and Kiyu had to be called back. The boss took a short video, you can watch it here…

On the way back we had a break and sat down in the grass, enjoying the sunshine and watching some ships go by.

Having a break

Some big ships on that canal and while we were out there, some 7 of them passed us.

The geese were very interested in Kiyu and didn’t take an eye of her while she was fetching the ball.

Geese on the watch…

So as always I will leave some more down here in the gallery for you to enjoy. Have a fantastic day and stay safe. Paws up from Kiyu and me 🙂

2 responses to “The water again…”

  1. Hi. What a nice great sunny beautiful day you had 😁
    Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Bettina,
      We’re trying to make the most of the beautiful weather…
      Have a wonderful evening and give a cuddle to Max 😊


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