The other side…

Good evening all – hope you had a good day and wherever in the world you are – don’t let the lockdown get to you. 💕
This will be another short note about our adventure to a place called “Lünen”, well let me tell you – if you’ve never heard of it – you’re missing nothing. Tiny place along the canal. Still we met a good few people there today, guess the weather is too good to be indoors.


While out and about, of course we did a lot of swimming again and the boss made a video – wouldn’t you have guessed 🙃 Anyhow – moving swiftly on…
Kiyu is now being trained to pass other dogs without being on the leash. So we met 2 other dogs on our walk today and she did pass both on them going very close to the boss. However you wouldn’t call it “heel” if you know what I mean 🙂 Still credit where credit is due… she did good and passed them without any signs of going forward – which is what she usually would have done. The boss is a bit proud of her progress I guess.

Kiyu and Benn

As I said we did a lot of swimming again today and I am pooped now. We had an evening round with Johanna and the girls, which gave me the rest for today 🙂 I am off snoozies soon and hope you will have a wonderful evening all – as always stay safe and paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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