An Adventure at the Silbersee

Hi all – we just got back from our trip to the lake “Silbersee” and boy – did we have fun or what. Needless to say that I am knackered now πŸ™‚ and will take the rest of the afternoon to snooze of the action. But – first things first…

So this is the place where we did all the running and the swimming… 😊

As you can see we had beautiful sunshine and the place pretty much to ourselves. There was a few people about, however they were a good bit away and with this being Thursday I guess most of the the people are back at work. So – the beach and the lake just for us…

After the initial stop down at the first beach, the boss decided that it would be great to walk around the lake… which is some 4.8 k in total as we discovered – check it here if you like… let me tell you while it was fun to be in and out of the water, I was sooooo happy to get back to the car.

So – this is me at the beginning of our round. All was good and I brought my stick with me for a good while only to leave it behind on our next stop 😊

This stop had a sort of a platform and from there we had a good look over the lake. Here is a small video of the view. They’re still sucking up the sand, however it is all done automatically. Still that machine makes some noise once you get closer… anyhow while we were done at the base we discovered this…

Not sure what type of snake this is, however we weren’t allowed near it. As you can see it has been broken or picked or bitten in half – well sort of. Anyhow once we had passed that load machine, we were heading for the home straight 😊

This is overlooking the lake from the far side, however most of it had already been achieved and it wasn’t too far to the car. Hope you all are having a good day and stay safe. As always – paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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