Our hike today without Benn…

First things first – today we left Benn at home as he just couldn’t be motivated to come and join us for a hike over in beautiful Ennepetal. Since that was the case, we made it an adventure of

the special kind and I guess it was good for Kiyu as she got a different type of exercise. The aim of our hike was the Hohenstein – which in the end we didn’t opt for – instead literally going cross country more likely.

Cross country…

The first part was quite exhaustive, it goes up a lot and the hill is rather steep. We were trying to get to the water outlet and it took us a good bit to find a way up through the bushes.

The object of our desire…

Once up there we could join the path, which would bring us close to the Hohenstein.

Yeah we made it…

It was amazing to see the amount of dead trees, I didn’t notice that the last time we were up there.

Anyhow we walked a good bit kinda down the hill and this brought us to the turn where you could head over to the Hohenstein or more down the hill to the water. While up there Kiyu had something in her nose and I took a video of her getting exited. First she detected a deer which I saw walking away while Kiyu was still busy checking out the other part of the woods. The last part is down close to the stream where a little young fox was routing around. I saw him first, however as he was running down near the stream Kiyu noticed him as well. While she was trying to figure out what it was, the little fellow crossed the path a couple of meters from me and disappeared of into the woods. When all was down and over, there was just the finding of the ball. She had dropped the ball somewhere down there and now it was time for her to go and fetch it.

On our way to the car… doing a spot of bathing 🙂 and a well deserved rest. Have a great evening all and paws up from Kiyu 🐾

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