Foreign Shores…

Hi all – todays adventure took us to a place called Küchelscheid right at the Belgium – German border. We had been there before together with the girls and some more of our friends. This time though I had to cut my part of the trip short. I started limping shortly after we set off into

this place called Hohes Venn. With every step further into the woods my limping got worth, so the boss decided to head back to the car. It took me a good while to get back, usually I am a good bit faster when it goes direction home 🙂 Once we got back I got 2 tablets against the pain and I could stay in the car. Kiyu and the boss went off for a short stroll into the woods. Video of that short walk

It didn’t take them that long to get back as once again the weather had turned and it started to rain a bit. Just as well I wasn’t with them, it would have taken forever for me to get back 🙂 So the visit there was cut short – unfortunately, however the boss decided to make many short stops so I could get out and walk just a bit. So we stopped at this old train carriage for a break and some pictures.

We crossed the border into Belgium and at our next stop the boss discovered this old tank in the middle of that roundabout. Not sure what type of tank it is, however as it is facing westward, the guess is that it is an old German tank. No idea though… I just had a

We took the road towards Malmedy / Eupen which is pretty much the back of that part of the Hohes Venn. We stopped again at this place, sort of an outpost in the middle of nowhere, the tower apparently is purpose built to check for fire in the summertime.

On the other side of the street there is a sort of balcony overlooking the vast area of woods, so we walked over there…

just to have a break and a short walk for me. As you can see there is a good view available of the area.

I post the rest of the images as usual, hope you like’em 🙂 Have a great weekend all and stay safe. Paws up from Kiyu and me 🐾 🐾

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