What a day we had…

Well – hope you’re all well and despite the virus – enjoy the christmas time as much as that is possible. Let me tell you about my day today… starting this morning we went for a good long walk up this place… not as steep as the one we usually go to – however it has good climb to it.

Anyhow – we made it up there and with me not being as fit anymore – it just took a bit longer. Still have to read all the messages left for me there 😊 and I was pooped once I got up there.

Anyhow – while we had a good while admiring the view from up there, I was only to happy to head back to the car. Check out the view from up there, on a good day you could see a fair distance…

Once we were done with that the boss and I drove down to Cologne in order to deliver some christmas gifts to the people that he works with. Since I was already knackered I opted to stay in the car while he talking to some of the guys in there. I just had a snooze 😴 while on my own. Afterwards we went on to another 2 places dropping of gifts and then home to the office, where some stuff had to be done and printed new. Our friend Adam came over and brought some meat balls and yes – I got my fair share of those 🙂 believe you me… On the way over to the farmer – where we get the eggs – we brought some bread for the horse again. Guess the boss likes looking after that guy…

On the way back we stopped at our favorite petrol station and filled up.

I stayed in the car while the boss fueled up and for being good I got a treat 😊 from the owner. For some reason he likes me…

Once we got back to the house I was completely pooped and was happy to just get fed and have a good snooze in front of the christmas tree. We are now officially on the christmas break and I am looking forward to spend some more time with the boss. I hope you’re not to exhausted from just reading this 😂 hopefully catch you again real soon. Have a great evening all and paws up from me 🐾

One response to “What a day we had…”

  1. Hi Benn. Never getting tired of reading your adventure story. Oh…you were up high. But what a great wiev. Sorry you can’t go to Rømø this year. But maybe next year, maybe already in the spring.
    We wish you and your dad a merry Christmas.
    💖from Bettina and Max

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