An Afternoon Adventure…

Today we had plenty of action as we went over to Johannas place to visit the girls. The boss cleared up Johannas car from all the ice and snow and they tried to start the car without any luck at first. However the boss was rather determined to get this thing going again. The battery was completely dead as we had a good few night in a row with temperatures around the minus 17 degrees – and yes you’re reading this correctly… Needless to say that in the end the boss succeeded and got the car running again and we went on our way to the “Hohenstein” where we had a lovely walk in the afternoon sun.

There is a video of the afternoon round which you can check here… Anyhow we had plenty to discover while out there and a good few messages to read. As you can see we have plenty of snow at the moment and while it was sunny out – it was still on the fresh side. This however didn’t stop Joana and Jule from going into the water…

Here you see them coming out of the water dripping wet and Jules fur was even frozen when we got back to the car 😊 that will tell you how cold it was. Anyhow – they didn’t mind and neither did we, I on the other hand stayed clear of the river and got back to the car pretty dry for my usual standards.

All in all a brilliant afternoon walk with loads of fun. As usual I leave you with the rest of the images and hope you enjoy them. Have a great evening and wonderful weekend all. Paws up from us 🐾 🐾

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