My adventure today… πŸ™‚

Well – let me tell you about my day… and what a fun day it was. Plenty of discovery done today 😊 but first things first. This morning we started off from home and went to this place called Viersen first – just to have a stroll around and get the legs stretched…

After this we took a long ride into the place called “Nationalpark Eifel” – a good bit away from where we started off. First stop was the “Rursee” close to a place called “Simmerath” – not many people out there – so we took a good long walk around and checked out the scenery.

There were plenty messages to be read πŸ™‚ and Jule and myself were busy. The boss brought the big camera so there are some better shots even though the iPhone seems to take good pictures as well.

Anyway – here are some images taken from that place. Not many people around as you can see from those images, however plenty of sunshine and it was rather nice with some warmer temperatures.

After all this running around we got a very special treat – Jule and I got a “Bratwurst” each and let me tell you – those sausages didn’t last long πŸ™‚
Our next stop on the way to “Koblenz” was this church. The boss drove up to it and discovered a parking spot right at the churchyard.

From there we took another long walk up the hill to this chapel, a good bit up the hill. On the way up we met a nice man who told us to go up to the chapel as the view would be absolutely stunning.

Of course we went up there and let me tell you – the boss wasn’t disappointed with the views from up there… hence all the pictures that he took 😊

I was so pooped when we got up there, however I managed to get a good rest up there in the shade while Mechthild and the boss spoke to a nice woman having a rest like myself.

Something extraordinary happened when we left the place. The boss noticed this big hawk having a good look at us. He came rather close the first time around…

Red Tailed Hawk

however after having had a good look he flew off in the distance. A rather big fellow if you ask me, however Jule and I just weren’t the right size for him 😊

After this we went on to “Koblenz” and got there just with the light fading.

Here you see one of those bigger barges entering the river “Mosel” just before sunset. The place called “Deutsches Eck” (this is where the “Mosel” joins the “Rhein”) was packed with people so Jule wasn’t allowed off leash and had to behave while I was doing my rounds as usual 😊

Anyhow – we are back home now and it was a long day with plenty of action. I am about to hit the sack, leaving with the rest of the pictures the boss took of “Koblenz”. Wishing you a great evening, stay safe and paws up from Jule and me 🐾 🐾

One response to “My adventure today… πŸ™‚”

  1. Hi Benn πŸ’– what a nice day you had. I’m glad you was to big for the Hawk πŸ™πŸ€πŸ˜ love reading about your adventures. Great photo your dad takes and share with us.
    Stay safe πŸ€πŸ₯°
    πŸ’–Bettina and Max

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