A visit to wellknown places…

Well hello all – yeah the title says it all. We have been over to France and visited some places we had been before. Well some of us πŸ™‚ Starting of in Oberkirch this morning, guess you have seen this place in some of my older posts. Here is me posing in front of the mountain stream and today I wasn’t allowed into the water as we were just starting of and the day will be long I guess πŸ™‚

There are all this cycle signs and tomorrow we are going to inspect a trailer the boss bought especially for me since my joints aren’t the best anymore. So I guess next time we will bring the bigger car and the bikes and will do some sightseeing by bike…

Anyhow – moving swiftly on πŸ™‚ we took the motorway down south and went to Neuf Brisach. The place with the fortress as you might remember. As you can see – the weather wasn’t really that great, however I didn’t mind as I took a well earned break in one of the puddles on the way round the fortress 😊 The boss gave out, however I don’t think he was really mad even though I looked a bit like a pig πŸ– 😊

Here are a couple of images from our round in Neuf Brisach… as it was grey in grey all day they might appear a little dull…

After a quick look around town – there was a market in the big square where we usually park. So we opted to head out and went over to Colmar. Much nicer there and after the long walk in the fortress I was happy not having to walk to much 😊 instead I had a cozy place under the table…

Of course I got some treats while on the break 😊 Enjoy some of the pics from this place if you may.

After the break we took a drive up to the castle of KΓΆnigsbourg. Well since it was overcast there weren’t many people up there and the view wasn’t that great with all those low hanging clouds.

So – after a short break up there the boss decided to head on down into the valley and in direction home via Selestat and Strasbourg. Just as well as I was pretty knackered after all this running around and getting in and out of the car 😊

Hope you all had a fantastic day – like I had… stick around for more news. Stay safe and paws up from me 🐾

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