Back home again… πŸ˜Š

Hi all – just a quick note, I am home again and happy about it. All this travelling isn’t really for me anymore. I am to old for all the action πŸ˜‰ Anyhow – I just wanted you to see some more of our latest travel images… would you believe it – the boss brought the big camera, however forgot to bring the cable for the transfer of the images. Guess he is getting old too πŸ˜‚

Benn having a dip in the water...

As I had told you we visited Heidelberg on the way down to the Black Forest and that is one picture the boss took while hanging out on the promenade, the next one is of course me having a good dip in the cool water of the river Main.

The next stop was the hotel down in Nussbach, a place I know from previous visits. Here you see me inspecting the garden 😊

Next day – after a good and long rest for me… we took a trip down to Neuf-Brisach and walked along the fortress as previously mentioned. So here is the rest of the images from our walk. In one of the images you see me having a good roll around in the grass. Can you spot which one it is 😊

Next stop was the town of Colmar and there we finally had lunch. Unbelievable how long I have to run around before I get some food 😊 We had tarte flambΓ©e – a specialty of the region and it was delicious. Well I got my share of it – you believe me

Next stop for the day was the Haute Kânigsbourg above Kintzheim overlooking the valley. I was so pooped that I had to stay in the car and have a well deserved break after the lunch. On the way down from there we stopped underneath the castle near the Volerie des Aigles. No dogs allowed up there and just as well 😊 with that full belly guess I would have been the ideal prey 😊
The boss got one picture of the American Red Tail Hawk, the show was nearly over when we stopped down there, so I guess getting one shot is lucky…

So – hope you all have a good day, here we are still on holidays… 😊 Stay safe and paws 🐾 up from me…

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