An early morning trip to the Rheinwiesen… 😊

Good day to all of you… hope you all have a rather good Sunday so far. Me – I had a blast this morning. The girls are here for a visit, unfortunately not a happy reason them being here… you see Johanna broke her foot couple of days ago and not in a nice way let me tell you. One foot broken in 2 places and rather nasty looking. Johanna sent some pictures of the x-ray after the operation and that is how we know… So – get well Johanna, you are in our thoughts. Anyhow now you know the reason why the girls are here with us. The boss picked them up yesterday and while they’re going home with the boss tonight ( you see – he has to go to work tomorrow 🀣 ) I will stay here with Jule in this wonderful holiday resort 😊 enjoying the backyard and a treat every now and again.

Anyhow – moving swiftly on::: This morning we went to this place called Rheinwiesen in Duisburg and this place has got it all. Plenty of space for all of us to run around in and loads (and I mean loads..!) of water to have a good ol’ swim. There are no photos available as the boss didn’t bring his iPhone or the camera… just this small little thing called GoPro. So there is a video available – you can check it out here…
Yeah I know – usually the boss puts that up on FaceBook – however this time there was some issue with the quality… so he opted for the YouTube Channel instead. The boss is still getting used to the tiny size of the GoPro – so you have to forgive him for having a finger in the way of the lens.

So there you have it – hope you all have a wonderful afternoon. Catch you all real soon and paws up from me 🐾

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