Good morning world…

Hi all – hope you had a good start into the week so far… we just got back from the Lakolk beach for our morning round and let me tell you… we had a dry round 😀

Here you see the boss throwing the ball for Jule, who is just mad for the game 😀 while I am just watching the action in a relaxed manner… leave it all to the young one 😉 We had breakfast now and guess who is still fit and running around while a certain girl is knackered!
For this afternoon we’re planning a trip over to Skærbæk which is just across the dam, so not that far. We have to head over there as the boss has actually forgotten to bring a power cable for the monitor ☹️ Anyhow – should be fun and another place for me to discover as the boss and I haven’t stopped over there while in Denmark for hols.
Here is some more pics from our morning round. Hope you enjoy them – have a great day all and paws up from Jule and me 🐾

One response to “Good morning world…”

  1. Good afternoon. We had you yesterday rain, nice, we need it.
    Looking like a great start on day.

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