More from lakolk beach

yeah – we’ve been down there again. It has been dry for most of the day, even though it had been raining while we were over in Skærbæk for a short visit. Down at the beach it was rather packed and we had to find a spot where it was empty. Below is a search picture… can you spot me lying in the sand 😀

While I was enjoying a good rest – Jule had a good wrestle with Frauchen about handing over the ball 🙃 you see once Jule has the ball – there is no handing over the ball over so that the game can go on.

Here you can see them to having a good toggle 😀 for the ball. Different story when the boss is asking for the ball – let me tell you 😉 Anyhow – Jule had a great time fetching when the boss is trowing the ball.

Well – I had a great time down at the beach… the boss had me search for some treats – which is something I like as I can do that very well 😉

Here you see me in action…
The rest of the walk was rather unspectacular – just heading back from the water to the car. So – here are the rest of the pictures the boss took. Hope you like them! Have a great evening all and catch you again tomorrow… paws up from us 🐾

One response to “More from lakolk beach”

  1. Thank you for letting us join you vacation. Looks like a nice day. We had the rain today. Yesterday I told how far away we are, but in bird line/straight line it’s about 70 kilometer shorter. I’m glad you had fun Benn searching for goodies
    Have a great evening

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