a visit to the bunkers…

Hi all – today is another very wet day here on Rømø. So instead of heading down to the beach, we opted for a short visit to the bunkers. Here is an image from our round – as you can see it is all grey in grey 🙂 however it was fun to be out there. So much to discover – especially for Jule… she enjoyed it and ran around like a luni…

The boss brought some sort of new toy that he bought some weeks back. It’s called a gimbal, you use it with your phone and it helps you to stabilise the videos that you take. So he played around with that and made plenty of videos. Check it out here if you like…

Not sure what we will do for the rest of the day, this kind of weather we better just stay inside by the fire 🙂 a so called lazy day I guess. Anyway – no doubt we will be out later on, so stay tuned. Have a fantastic day and paws up from us 🐾

2 responses to “a visit to the bunkers…”

  1. Hej Benn ( dad). 😁 fun to watch the video. Worw you can mowe fast 👍
    😁 maybe I should buy one for my Samsung 🤔 but I take so many pictures of Max, that the phone always cream for more space.
    Here it’s raining heavy now, so hope you are having a dry period. See you

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    1. Hi Max and Mum 😊
      Raining here all day – so staying indoors for most of the time 😊
      Have a nice evening and stay safe…


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