a blustery afternoon round…

Greetings all out there… hope you’re having a good day so far. Here the weather is constantly changing from beautiful sunshine to heavy showers. So – when it looked alright to head out there, we took a chance and went for our lunchtime round. This time we went from the house, just in case 😉

The boss brought the big camera and the GoPro for the video – which btw you can see right here – as the big camera only brings a resolution of 1440 x 1080 (not even HD) 🙂 not suitable for YouTube! So I guess it is time for a new camera. Anyhow – moving swiftly on… while out there the wind was blowing, mind you not as bad as it is at home from what we could see in the news. I was in rather good form, just a bit slow for the rest of the bunch. Well I am after all an old man 🙂 and the boss took his time while I kept on catching up. There is always so much to read and nowadays I just take a tad longer than usual. We even went the old way – there used to be a way back to the house through the fields, however it isn’t really open for public access anymore… today we took that way back to the house and I had to duck down under the fence in order to get through. There used to be a gate that you could just open and walk through – no idea why they closed that path off. We got back just in time for another hefty shower, I got something to eat and now I am off for a well earned afternoon snooze 😀 Jule and I wish you a wonderful afternoon – catch you again a little later… Paws up from us 🐾

4 responses to “a blustery afternoon round…”

  1. Hej. Beautiful photos from your day. Have a nice evening. Maybe I see you on tuesday 😍👍

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    1. Hi Max and Mom…
      Are you coming to Rømø ? Would be fun to meet up 😊


      1. Send you a message on FB . Maybe for a few hours. Just to meet you on the beach

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  2. Well that should be fun… after all those years 😊


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