Highest point and the beach again

Highest point and the beach again

Hi all – hope you all are having a wonderful day. The weather here is playing havoc for most of the day, we are talking sunshine, hailstones, rain and blustery winds. So we need to pick our walking spots throughout the day as good as we can 🙂 Here you can see the next showers moving in already while we are up the hill exploring.

Just as well that we took a break after our visit to the highest point, here are the rest of the images and a video the boss took.

On our break between the showers, we went down to Lakolk and Mechthild got a soft ice. The boss took a video and you can see that here... After the break we went down to the beach and enjoyed the sunshine that presented itself to us. Mind you – the gusts were something else… still we made it over to the dunes and back and it was actually very nice. I was in great shape, still couldn’t keep up with Jule constantly running after the ball. She loves the game, still hasn’t caught on to let go of the ball. She is pretty good with the boss, however Mechthild hasn’t got a hope of getting the ball of her 😀

As usual – I leave you with the rest of the pictures. Hope you all have a fantastic day and no doubt, we will catch you again tomorrow. Don’t forget to check out those videos… Stay safe and paws up from Jule and me 🐾

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