a visit to ribe

Hi all – here is an update of our day today. Finally the weather picked up nicely and we were presented with some well deserved beautiful sunshine throughout the day 🌤 Making the most of the day, the boss thought it would be a good idea to go and visit Ribe. A town we had visited once before, however we didn’t stay long that time as it was extremely hot. Anyhow – today it was some 11º degrees and just right for our little journey.

Ribe is a truly nice place with small little lanes, cobble stones, tiny houses and a charming atmosphere. Needless to say there is the obligatory video 😉 of the place. Here I only present you with the pics the boss took. We had a brilliant parking space, literally just next to the church. So – within walking distance from the centre. We had a good stroll around town and stopped here and there to take those pictures. As the shops were about to close, we didn’t bother to stop for coffee or anything, the humans just got one of those 99s. Soft ice and Jule and I got some of the waffle 🙂 which was a nice treat. Anyway – hope you all had a good day. After all that running around I am knackered now and ready to hit the pillow. So we wish you a good night. Paws up from us 🐾

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