Good morning all – hope you’re all having a great Saturday so far. Here is a tiny update to our day! Before we went to the bakery we stopped at the Hundeskov. This is Danish and means dog wood. This place is all fenced in and dogs are allowed to run off leash in there. We’ve been there before, nothing spectacular still a great place for leaving and reading messages 🙂

The Lumpinator 😎

The place isn’t really that big, so it does not take long to get through the place. You could spend more time there, they even have benches and ash trays – no joke. Anyhow – we only met one other dog there, a Danish Golden Retriever who acted like he had never seen another dog 🙂 He was only a young lad and a bit on the wild side. The boss needed to correct that guy a little in order not to be so obnoxious… once he got the message from me he started to mess around with Jule. So I actually had to bark at him, which is nothing I normally do 😉 Eventually his owner came and took him away, so we could finish our round in peace. So – as always I will leave you with the rest of the pictures taken. Have a great day, I’ll catch you a little later. Paws up from Jule and me 🐾

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