an adventure day…

Greetings all – today has been our adventure day, but let me start from the beginning 🙂 Early morning we went down to Lakolk beach as we usually do before breakfast. Today we went to the bakery first and went to the beach afterwards… as we were rather early. The images of that trip you can see below.

After breakfast we decided to make a day of it as we had beautiful sunshine and some warm enough temperatures. So the boss packed the car with our beds and we went towards Esbjerg, just to see what the town is like. The first stop or better the first drive through was the town of Esbjerg, however we didn’t actually stop there and we went to the “men at sea” monument. These guys are 9 meters tall and quite impressive. So we stopped there and had a walk around and Jule and I went for a swim down at the beach 🙂

All images of that stop are right here… The place was rather packed with tourists, so we went on our way after a short break further up North…

The next place we stopped was a place called Blåvand… well we actually drove through it in order to get to a place called Blåvand Fyr – the most Westerly place in Denmark. It has a lighthouse there, so we stopped there and we stayed in the car. The boss and Mechthild went for a quick walk just to check out the place. Once again the place was packed, so after a short while they got back and we drove off.

After that we drove further North, to a place called Hvide Strand, another holiday spot – so we went further up the road and stopped at another lighthouse.

Jule and I checked out the place, however with her not being that fit we just made it to the top of the dunes 🙂 and had a good look down. Of course we would have loved to run down and go for another swim, however the boss wasn’t having any of it ☹️ After all that action we made our way home. While I am pretty knackered now I can only say, we had a good day and did a good bit of sightseeing 🙂 which is different to what we usually do. We hope – like us – you had a good day and enjoy the pictures, we wish you a good evening. Paws up from us 🐾

One response to “an adventure day…”

  1. Looking like a nice tour. Worw Benn, didn’t you get scared of thoose huge men ?
    It was really nice meeting you 🥰🥰 stay safe and tell Jule we wish her to be better soon 🍀🙏
    Wish you all a safe trip home.

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