bored at home…

Hi all – hope you all have an enjoyable bank holiday. Today was just a “take it easy” day for us. My friend Jule is still limping, so there has been no additional activities for us πŸ™‚ which I don’t mind at all.

Jule and I making plenty of noise 😊

Don’t know if I told you, however when we met Max and family – Bettina was so generous and brought us lots of treats and we both got a new friend to play with. Thank you so much #Bettina Forup Jensen. That was very kind of you…
So – if you’re interested – check the video! You can hear us making plenty of noise with our new toys πŸ˜€ however that was the only action that took place in our house today. Tomorrow things will be back to normal, the boss has to go back to work and Jule and I will stay at home enjoying a good rest from the holidays… πŸ˜€ Have a great evening all and stay safe – paws up from Jule and me 🐾

One response to “bored at home…”

  1. Hi. That’s a pretty good video. I’m happy that you love your new toy, and that your parent also have joy of them and you make sure they don’t fall to sleep infront of the TV

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