a visit to the girls…

Hi all – it’s been a while since my last post I know… however there hasn’t really been anything worth writing about. We have just been home relaxing and Jule has to have a good rest due to her injury.
Anyhow – yesterday the boss and I went over to Johanna and the girls for a visit πŸ™‚ and boy was that fun or what. We hadn’t been over for a good while and with Johanna being sick, the boss didn’t know if it was a good idea at all. In the end we went and all was good. We even did a round as you can see from the picture. I had a good few breaks while out there, however in the end I made it back home, had to have a good rest though πŸ™‚

Here you can see us having a break on one of the benches on the cycle path. As the weather was nice there was a good few people out and about, so Bijou and Joanna had a good few practise sessions… they need to sit and stay – while Johanna is walking away. They manage this exercise extremely well if you ask me πŸ™‚ not sure if I would stay 😎
So – as you can see – nothing much happened the last couple of days… hope you all have a great weekend. Paws up from us 🐾 and stay safe.

3 responses to “a visit to the girls…”

  1. Hi Benn
    Nice with a little story from you. It’s a good picture of you and your friends. They all look very sweet.
    Good night, say hi to Jule from me.

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    1. Hi Max and Bettina… glad you liked my story. They all are great companions πŸ™‚ Have a great evening and good night from us… πŸ’•


  2. Hello Benn. Nachthawk you have beautiful dogs. Just curious, the other two big dogs are Leonbergers right?

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